3D Optical HREM imaging has been widely used to identify phenotpes in embryo heart development.

In mouse embryos, all tissue is suitable for HREM. In adult mouse, the heart, as well as other organs including the brain, intestine, uterus and embryonic sacs can be imaged.

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Brd2 mutant mouse embryo - 3D visualisation of a Brd2 knockout mutant mouse embryo, eroding into the embryo to reveal a profound ventricular septal defect.

Psph isolated heart - a comparison between the isolated heart of a Psph knockout embryo and a wild-type. In the mutant embryo (right) the aorta and pulmonary trunk have formed as a common arterial trunk.

Chicken embryo showing heart of conjoined twins.

Psph mutant and wild-type comparison - comparison of a Psph knockout mutant embryo and its wild-type litter mate using HREM data. Detailed phenotyping of the mutant revealed a double outlet right ventricle, as well as additional phenotypes.

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