Live cell imaging made easy


Non-invasive imaging


Long-term analysis

Long-term non-invasive analysis of cell cultures within a normal incubator using digital holographic microscopy.

Real-time quantitative data on more than 30 cellular parameters, including cell count, cell division, cell motility, migration patterns, and cell death.

Single cell and cell population tracking at the same time.


What it does

The HoloMonitor images, quantifies and monitors over time a large number of cells individually within their incubator, and avoids the bias that can be introduced by the harshness and toxicity of flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy.


Holographic microscopy

The HoloMonitor incubator live cell imaging system uses quantitative phase imaging to produce a hologram. This hologram is captured by an image sensor and processed to produce a 3D image.

The digital image sensor, low power diode illumination and sophisticated computer algorithms measure how light changes direction when passing through unstained cells.



No light energy is absorbed or transferred to the cells, and it's label-free, so the cells are completely unaffected, and can be used for further study after imaging.



The HoloMonitor has been used for cell culture analysis in a range of fields within cell biology, including cancer research, stem cell research, drug discovery and chemical toxicity.

As it is gentle to all cell types, it can be used to monitor cell lines as well as delicate cell types, such as induced pluripotent stem cells or primary human cell cultures.

A list of publications on the PHI website shows research that has utilised the HoloMonitor.

HoloMonitor in less than 60 seconds

Intuitive, powerful software

  • HoloMonitor software produces real-time quantitative data from the holographic images captured.
  • Quantitative data can be captured for many cellular events, including cell division, cell motility, and cell death. Single cell and population tracking at the same time.
  • Images can be exported, including 3D images of cells, and the data can be exported to Excel.

The benefits

  • Unlike phase contrast images, Holographic images have a background level of zero, which means it is easy to distinguish cells in the 3D quantitative phase image, as each single cell creates its own peak.
  • Works directly inside your incubator 24/7, which menas the cells can be recorded continuously.
  • Completely non-invasive - digital holography only uses light to image, no labelling or stains are used. Time-saving and allows the cells to be used for further study.
  • Automated analysis minimises user bias.

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