Windows, MacOS and Linux compatible


Free with every Jenoptik microscope camera purchase


Workflow-optimised, easy to use

Version 2.2 of the innovative PROGRES GRYPHAX® microscope camera image analysis software adds even more functionality to this structured, user-friendly software.



The user interface and functions are exactly the same in Windows, MacOS and Linux, so you can easily execute workflows in the same way on different machines.



Optimize live images in real time, capture focused images or see how your panoramic image (overview of the whole sample) is composed. Post-processing is seldom needed, saving you time.


Free updates

Every Jenoptik GRYPHAX® microscope camera comes with the latest image analysis software. And free software updates mean you will always be kept up-to-date.

New feature - the Counter tool

The GRYPHAX Counter tool enables users to count important items. Counting statistics can by analysed and exported. The image above shows Multiple Counting objects on a loaded Panorama image.

New feature - the XYZ Stage tool

The GRYPHAX XYZ Stage tool enables user to control automation systems including motorized stages from 3rd party manufacturers. The image above shows the software with the activated XYZ Stage tool.

New feature - the XY Scan tool

The GRYPHAX XY Scan tool enables user to control automation systems include motorized stages from 3rd party manufacturers to create automated panorama images by stage support. The image above shows the software with the activated XY Scan tool.

More new features

  • New tool XYZ Stage – to control 3rd party devices e.g. PRIOR ProScan III controller
  • New tool XY Scan – to generate automated panorama images by stage control
  • New tool Illumination – to control 3rd party illumination devices
  • New tool Counter – to count, report and export
  • Add GUI view to display and select calibrated objectives on REC bar
  • New measurement tool – Circle-to-circle measurement
  • New Feature Slow motion video record*
  • New option Frame rate to change live frame rate up to 120 fps*
  • New Firmware for all GRYPHAX® cameras to enhance connection stability*, color improvements
  • *
  • Extended Frame rate for PROKYON, KAPELLA & RIGEL up to 120 fps*
  • Added new software cooling option for PROKYON, KAPELLA, RIGEL cameras*
  • New option Fast Snap to Record images directly from live preview stream (very fast record)
  • New option to Hide labels for measurement overlays
  • New option for Scale bar size
  • New option to Query check of selected magnification
  • Add Status bar switch at status bar of GUI to turn on / off status bar for recorded images quickly
  • Added 64 bit support for 3rd party driver
  • Added experimental pseudo 3D-view to 3rd party driver
  • Updated 3rd party driver for Micro-Manager - open source microscopy software included
  • Updated 3rd party driver for MetaMorph microscopy automation & image analysis software included
  • Updated 3rd party driver for TWAIN & DirectX interface included

*in combination with Firmware Update from GRYPHAX V2.2 or later!

A number of bug fixes and improvements have also been addressed in V2.2.


The panorama tool

  • The panorama tool enables automatic stitching of several individual images of a large-area sample into a single, full view image without loss of resolution and pixelation - a motorized x/y stage is not necessary.

    In live mode, a grid of partially overlapping images of the motif is constructed into a seamless, ultra-high-resolution panoramic view of the entire motif.

Recommended system requirements

  • Intel i7 Quad-Core (min. 3.0 GHz) processor | 8 GB RAM (dual-channel for full camera performance)
  • Windows 10 version 1903 or newer – 64 bit, MacOS Catalina / Big Sur – 64 bit, Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – 64 bit
  • USB 3.0 integrated over PCI Express V2.0 (Renesas chip set)
  • Dedicated Graphic card equipped with on-board video memory
  • Monitor resolution - 1920x1200 (for AVIOR & SUBRA & KAPELLA & RIGEL & WEGA & POLARIS & PROKYON), 3840x2160 (for BETRIA & ALTAIR & ARKTUR & NAOS)

Minimum system requirements can also be provided.

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