Indigo Scientific is a UK company that specialises in providing expertise in microscope cameras, live cell microscope incubators and our unique 3D Optical HREM imaging system for biomedical, life science and other microscopy applications.

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3D Optical HREM imaging

3D Optical HREM imaging is a technique that produces stacks of successive 2D tissue image samples, with a resolution almost equivalent to conventional histology.

The technique delivers perfectly aligned images, that can be used to create superbly detailed 3D models.

Microscope cameras

Colour microscope cameras for all microscopy applications: life sciences, quality control, material science, forensic science.

UK distributor for Jenoptik Progress Gryphax, also supply Lumenera, Hamamatsu, Deltapix.

Live cell microscope incubators

Full microscope cage incubators, on-stage incubators and warm plates are available where temperature, CO2 and humidity levels can be carefully controlled.

Indigo Scientific is the UK supplier of OKO lab microscope incubators.

Microscope spectrometers

Microscope Spectrometers, Photometers and associated software for measurement of light and colour via the microscope.

We offer a full range of possibilities for research and routine applications.

AV lab teaching systems

A complete new build or an upgrade to your teaching laboratory.

We supply and install, integrating microscopes and microscope imaging / cameras with your AV system (e.g. large HD projectors, multiple screens, large high resolution wall monitors, laptop integration for presentations).

Custom solutions

We deliver custom solutions, both large and small and regularly undertake R & D (research and development) projects. We love solving challenges!

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