A system that produces stacks of successive, high-quality, 2D images - perfectly aligned to easily create superbly detailed 3D models.



No collection, registration or staining!

Individual sections do not need to be collected, registered or stained, allowing for rapid imaging of samples. E.g. Sectioning an E14.5 mouse embryo at 3 microns would produce around 3,500 images in 8 hours!

No clearing required!



Constant resolution through sample depth

Sections can be cut as thin as 1 μm, which results in 3D models with a typical voxel resolutions of 1-8 μm3. This resolution enables identification of blood vessels and nerves, often not visible using lower-resolution techniques such as optical projection tomography (OPT), micro-magnetic resonance imaging (μMRI) or micro-computed tomography (μCT).


No sample distortion

Sample sizes up to 30 mm

Samples are embedded in a hard plastic resin that enables sections from 1 - 10 microns to be accurately removed.


Optical imaging

Flexible, optical-based system

A felixible, optical-based system, suitable for use over a broad range of magnifications that can be configured for multiple fluorescent channels.



Most tissue types and bone possible

Used in laboratories world-wide for 3D imaging of mouse embryos, embryonic organs, different tissue types and even plants.


Alternate views

Orthogonal and oblique views

Image data produced can be used to calculate orthogonal and oblique views of the tissue sample, with little resolution lost. These views can provide important additional information about sample morphology.

Realistic pricing for a high-performance sectioning system

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The technique



After preparation, samples are embedded in a plastic resin that has been made highly fluorescent by the addition of dyes, so opaque and translucent tissue is imaged by suppressing the fluorescence. This results in excellent quality, high resolution images of the block surface, irrespective of the tissue type or developmental stage - different tissue types are easily distinguishable.


Sequential imaging

Once embedded, samples are sequentially imaged at a section thickness of 1-10 microns. Images are captured at the block surface, a section is removed, and the process repeated.



Image data can subsequently be imported directly into 2D or 3D visualisation software for analysis.

Further information

  • DMDD - Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders
    • Francis Cricick Institute, London
    • the DMDD website provides thousands of examples of HREM imaging, and also details the methods they used
  • Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
    • University of Oxford
  • UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI)
    • London
  • Institute of Animal Science
    • ​Poultry and Aquaculture Sci. Dept.​
    • The Volcani Center,Israel
  • Therapeutic Target Discovery, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    • New York
  • Dept of Genetics & Evolution
    • University of Geneva
  • Developmental Biology, School of Life Sciences
    • University of Nottingham
  • Department of Basic Medical Sciences
    • Westlake Institute for Advanced study
    • Hangzhou, China
  • Division of Anatomy
    • Center for Anatomy & Cell Biology
    • Vienna
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